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Insuring your mobility scooter or power chair is not obligatory but for many of our customers it gives peace of mind.

Although we do not provide insurance services ourselves, we have worked closely and exclusively with Lockton Mobility for many years and would recommend anyone wishing to take out insurance to do so with them by calling 0345 602 8000.

They provide some of the most comprehensive and robust mobility scooter cover available in the UK. Plus they pride themselves on being a reliable, professional and caring insurer, and they have been providing specialist insurance and extended warranty for wheelchairs and mobility scooters for more than 30 years.

Why should you insure your scooter?

  • If you have an accident while using your machine, any injuries caused to other people and damage to their property will be paid for if you are at fault.

  • Peace of mind if you take your machine with you when you travel abroad - their policies include cover during airport handling and onboard aircraft.

  • If your machine is lost, stolen or damaged you could have it repaired quickly or replaced without a fuss.

Insurance: Welcome
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